Table 1

Summary of prophylactic trials included in this analysis

Trial (n) Pugh's grade A/B/C Mortality Treatment for bleeding
Jackson 19681-150 17 5810/23/2555%S1-150
Resnick 19691-150 20 4519/20/642%SS
Conn19721-150 15 3110/11/1050%Not stated
Conn 19721-150 15 220/11/1183%SS
Paquet 198230 369/11/1664%“Active conservative”
Witzel 198531 5319/25/963%Not stated
Koch 198632 3016/9/570%Not stated
Wordehoff 198733 247/12/553%VP, BT
Pascal 19871-150 18 11219/41/5260%“Standard treatment”
Sauerbruch 198834 6521/30/1446%ES, VP, BT
Piai 198835 6916/31/2266%Som, ES, BT, S
Lebrec 198836 5329/24/050%ES, VP, BT
Ideo 198837 4919/19/1136%Som, BT
Santangelo 19881-150 21 4512/17/1629%Not stated
Potzi 198938 4114/14/1364%ES
IMPP 198939 8956/28/532%Drugs, ES, BT
Russo 198940 209/8/367%BT, ES
Inokuchi 199041 5231/21/041%ES, S
Kobe 199042 3310/17/658%ES
Andreani 199043 4110/21/1040%VP, BT
Triger 199144 3514/15/629%ES
De Franchis 199145 5118/22/1165%ES
Conn 199146 5124/24/327%VN, ES
Gregory 199147 13843/59/3632%VP, BT, SS
PROVA 19911-150 19 7221/22/2946%ES
Sarin 199648 3310/13/1038%EVL, ES
Lay 199749 6416/23/2526%Drugs, ES, BT, S
Lo 1999 50 6320/25/1832%VP, EVL
  • 1-150 Studies in which Pugh's grading was not given but was estimated from data in original publication.

  • Emergency treatment for variceal bleeding included: ES, endoscopic sclerotherapy; EVL, endoscopic variceal band ligation; BT, balloon tamponade; SS, shunt surgery; S, surgery; Som, somatostatin; VP, vasopressin; VN, vasopressin+nitroglycerin; S1-150, transoesophageal ligation of varices in a minority of patients—details of other treatments not given.