Table 2

Treatment induced changes in the two study groups

Terlipressin+ paracentesis group (n=10)Albumin+ paracentesis group (n=10)p Value
*Changes were the difference between baseline values (before treatment) and values measured at hospital discharge (4–6 days after treatment). Negative changes indicate a decrease.
Values are mean (SEM).
†Measured in nine patients.
Changes in*
    Plasma concentrations (pg/ml)
        Renin−27 (51) 30 (37)†0.39
        Aldosterone 319 (246) 272 (281)†0.90
    Serum creatinine (μmol/l)−2.4 (2.9)−2.3 (3.2)0.98
    Serum sodium (mmol/l)−1.6 (0.8)−1.9 (0.6)0.78
    Body weight (kg)−3.4 (0.9)−3.3 (1.0)0.91
    Mean arterial pressure (mm Hg)−1.3 (3.2)−1.2 (2.8)0.98