Table 1

Changes (seroconversion and seroreversion) in anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) reactivity among 2032 individuals for whom a second serum sample was available

Second sample
First samplenNo of EIA reactive/RIBA positive (No of PCR+)No of EIA reactive/RIBA indeterminate (No of PCR+)No of EIA negative/RIBA negative (No of PCR+)
*Stable anti-HCV serological profiles during follow up.
†Decreased intensity of the bands during follow up.
‡Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was not performed in the second sample if both the first and second samples tested EIA negative.
EIA reactive/RIBA positive3625 (23)*4 (2)† 7 (0)
EIA reactive/RIBA indeterminate8 1 (1)0 7 (0)
EIA negative1988 2 (2)01986 (ND)‡