Table 1

Characteristics which differentiate non-gastric Helicobacter species

Susceptibility to
TaxonCatalase productionNitrate reductionAlkaline phosphatase hydrolysisUreaseIndoxyl acetate hydrolysisγ Glutamyl transpeptidaseGrowth at 42°CGrowth with 1% glycineNalidixic acid (30 μg disc)Cephalothin (30 μg disc)Peri-plasmic fibresNo of flagellaDistribution of flagellaG+C content (mol%)
+, positive reaction; −, negative reaction; S, susceptible; R, resistant; I, intermediate; ND, not determined; G+C.guanine plus cytosine.
H canadensis +++++RR2BipolarND
H rodentium ++++RR2BipolarND
H pullorum ++ND+NDRS1Monopolar34–35
H fennelliae ++++SS2Bipolar35
H trogontum +++ND++NDRR+5–7BipolarND
H muridarum +++++RR+10–14Bipolar34
H hepaticus ++ND++ND+RR2BipolarND
H canis ++ND+NDSI2Bipolar48
H bilis ++ND+ND++RR+3–14BipolarND
H rappini++ND++RR+10–20Bipolar34
H cinaedi +++SI1–2Bipolar37–38
H westmeadii +++NDNDND+1BipolarND
H pametensis +++++SS2Bipolar38
H winghamensis +NDNDSS1–2BipolarND
H mesocricatorum +++NDNDSR2BipolarND
H aurati +++++SR+7–10BipolarND
H typhlonius ++/−++SR1BipolarND
H cholecystus ++++IR2BipolarND
H trogontum +++ND++NDRR+5–7BipolarND