Table 2

Group distribution between cases and controls for adenomas >10 mm

Cases Adenomas >10 mm (n=84)Controls Adenomas <10 mm (n=489)p Value
The p value is given for the comparison by global χ2 method of the relative frequency in the three groups of patients (irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), family history (FH), and heavy drinkers (HD) groups) of cases and controls. The number of patients (cases plus controls=571) is less than the total number of patients (601) because cases with adenomas >10 mm and high grade dysplasia or a villous contingent were excluded from this part of the study.
Age (y) (mean (SD))59 (1) 57 (0.5)<0.05
Male/female ratio61/23 (73%)343/146 (70%)NS
Patient groups
    IBS 9 (11%)127 (26%)
    FH16 (19%) 85 (17%)<0.01
    HD59 (70%)277 (57%)