Table 5

Relation between cirrhosis and: adenomas >10 mm; high risk adenomas or cancer; and high grade dysplasia or cancer among alcoholic patients

Per cent values represent the number of patients with proven cirrhosis (cirrhosis was assessed either on a liver biopsy or using clinical and biological signs) among the total number of patients in each subgroup of the heavy drinkers.
Adenomas >10 mm (n=59)Adenomas <10 mm (n=276)p Value
Cirrhosis20 (34%)105 (38%)NS
High risk adenoma or cancer (n=124)No high risk adenoma or cancer (n=277)
Cirrhosis51 (41%)106 (38%)NS
High grade dysplasia or cancer (n=30)No high grade dysplasia or cancer (n=371)
Cirrhosis14 (47%)143 (39%)NS