Table 1

Changes in status in Helicobacter pylori assays among 221 subjects in Vammala, Finland, examined in both 1973 and 1994

Assay that changed in status
Serological statusTotal No of subjects affectedIgGIgACagAAnyMean (SD) No of assays with changes
*This change in status was defined as seroconversion.
†This change in status was defined as seroreversion.
‡Numbers in parentheses indicate the proportion of the total population of 221 represented by the subjects who showed a change in status in the specified assay.
Negative→positive* 9 978242.7 (0.7)
Positive→negative† 3 30031.0 (0.0)
Total (%)‡12 (5.4)12 (5.4)7 (3.2)8 (3.6)27 (4.1)2.3 (1.0)