Table 3

Histological findings at presentation, HLA data, and outcome following standard steroid therapy in the 12 patients

Liver histologyHLA
Patient NoGradeStageBiliary changesABDROutcomeIAIHG score
Histological grading and staging according to Batts and Ludwig,19 as described in patients and methods.
Biliary changes include one or more of the following: pericholangitis, apparent ductopenia, ductular proliferation, copper associated protein deposition, cholestasis.
na, data not available; OLT, orthotopic liver transplant; IAIHG score, International Autoimmune Hepatitis Group score (including scoring for initial response to therapy).120
130NonananaComplete response + relapse20
243NonananaNo response. Still requires multiple therapy after 3 y.19
334Yes1, 107, 174, 13Partial response. Complete response after 2 y.18
440No3, 2818, 354, 11Complete response + relapse. OLT after 4 y. Died 3 y post-OLT.21
540NonananaNo response. Still requires multiple therapy after 5 y.19
634No1, 248, 394, 4Complete response. No relapse. Recent OLT (after 14 y).21
740NonananaPartial response. Still requires multiple therapy after 10 y.19
833Yes1, 235, 357, 13Complete response + relapse25
924YesnananaPartial response. Still requires multiple therapy after 4 y.21
1040No1, 3251, 513, 7No response. Emergency OLT. Died 10 days post-OLT .16
1104NonananaNo response. Listed for OLT 3 y later but died pre-OLT.14
1214No1, 25, 74, 11No response. OLT after 3 mo. Still alive 7 y post-OLT.16