Table 1

Baseline electrophysiological variables of ileal mucosa in Ussing chambers

Colon cancer (n=13)CD non-inflamed (n=10)CD inflamed (n=4)
Transepithelial potential difference (PDt), transepithelial electrical resistance (TER), and short circuit current (Isc) at the start of the experiments in specimens from patients with cancer coli, non-inflamed specimens from patients with Crohn's disease (CD), and in inflamed specimens from patients with CD.
Data are median (25–75th interquartile range) after equilibration for 40 minutes in Ussing chambers.
There were no significant differences between groups with regard to baseline electrophysiological variables.
PDt (mV) −9.7 (−7.8 to −10.9)−11.1 (−8.3 to −12.2)−10.4 (−8.8 to −13.0)
TER (Ωcm2) 33.7 (29.0–35.9) 33.5 (30.0–40.1) 34.1 (30.0–38.8)
Isc (μA/cm2)269 (236–321)297 (229–400)273 (256–318)