Table 2

Transmucosal flux of 51Cr-EDTA in ileal mucosa in Ussing chambers

Colon cancer (n=8)CD non-inflamed (n=5)CD inflamed (n=4)
Data are given for the period of exposure to vehicle or sodium caprate (C10) as median (25–75th interquartile range) of transmucosal flux of 51Cr-EDTA (pmol/cm2/h).
*Increased permeability compared with ileal mucosa from patients with colon cancer (Mann-Whitney, p<0.05).
Vehicle  experiments 3.5 (1.0–5.0) 5.8 (2.7–7.7)10 (6.0–17)*
C10  experiments15 (9.8–28)40 (36–48)* 9.0 (3.0–15)