Table 3

Training on the ward and in the outpatient clinic

CountryNo of patients/ ward/weekNo of outpatients/weekNo of hours on ward/weekNo of hours in outpatients/week% Sup ward% Sup outpatient
No of patients/ward/week, number of patients on the ward the trainee was in charge of per week.
No of outpatients/week, number of outpatients seen per week.
No of hours on ward/week, number of hours spent on the ward per week.
No of hours in outpatients/week, number of hours spent in the outpatients clinic per week.
% Sup ward, percentage of supervised working hours on the ward.
% Sup outpatient, percentage of supervised patients in the outpatient clinic.
B, Belgium; D, Denmark; E, UK; F, France; G, Germany; I, Italy; N, Netherlands; S, Spain; NO, Norway; GR, Greece.
B12.627.63016.417.8 37.5
D1823.415.21630.2 6
E20.728.126.9 7.616.8 15
F18.2 839.8 330 14
G15.542.545.52811.3 14
I 4.216.631.2 6.637.2 46
N 7.520.5 5 5.543 20
S14.2 9.241 3.417.2 17.5
NO30254517 4 15
GR 525401063100
Europe14.72131.2 9.827 21.3