Table 6

Socioeconomic aspects of gastroenterology training in Europe: workload, wages, and family status

CountryMarried (%)No of childrenNo of hours in hospital (%)No of hours in admin (%)No of hours totalNo of nights inNo of nights outSalary (Euro)Euro /hour
Married, percentage of respondents that were married.
No of child, average number of children in the family.
No of hours in hospital (%), average number of working hours in the hospital per week, including night shifts, and percentage of total workload.
No of hours in admin (%), average number of administrative workload hours per week and percentage of total work load.
No of hours total, average number of hours of total workload per week.
No of nights in, average night shifts per month in hospital.
No of nights out, average number of home on-calls per month.
Salary Euro, average net salary per month in Euro.
Euro/hour, average net salary per working hour in Euro.
B, Belgium; D, Denmark; E, UK; F, France; G, Germany; I, Italy; N, Netherlands; S, Spain; NO, Norway; GR, Greece.
B 50168.8 (77)20.4 (23)
D1002.445.0 (90) 5.0 (10)
E 87.51.759.8 (90) 7.0 (10)
F1001.365.6 (82)14.5 (18)
G 60061.4 (79)16.8 (21)
I 600.239.3 (81) 9.3 (19)
N10060.0 (95) 3.0 (5)
S 20067.0 (86)11.0 (14)
NO45.0 (91) 4.5 (9)
GR85 (89)10 (11)957.04.07672.02
Europe 6959.0 (85)10.9 (15)