Table 4

Estimated percentage of young onset colorectal cancer (CRC) cases due to HNPCC in the study population

Cancer siteSIR in study populationPenetrance in HNPCC4 (%)Lifetime risk in general population32 (%)RR in HNPCCEstimate of % of young onset CRC cases due to HNPCC in study
HNPCC, hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer; SIR, standardised incidence ratio; RR, relative risk.
Corpus uteri1.56431.043 1.3
Ovary2.5691.32 6.8226.8
Stomach (men)1.07191.2715 0.5
Stomach (women)0.76190.3850
Bladder (men)0.95101.47 6.8
Bladder (women)0.91100.4223.8
Kidney (men)1.30180.7225 1.25
Kidney (women)1.10180.3354.5 1.89