Table 2

Survival times and biliary interventions after photodynamic therapy (PDT)

Patient NoTumour locationStent type at PDTTime from 1st PDT to interventionProcedureTime from 1st PDT to death (months)Time from diagnosis to death (months)
*Patients received chemotherapy.
HOP, head of pancreas; Periamp, periampullary; SNC, site of origin not clear; CBD, common bile duct.
†Light delivered endoscopically.
No biliary intervention after PDT1HOPPlasticN/A 7 9
2HOPMetalN/A 5 7
3PeriampMetalN/A 6 8
4*HOP(A) MetalN/A2nd PDT 14 weeks after 1st1113
(B) Metal
Single prophylactic intervention5PeriampMetal1 weekStent trawled 4 6
6HOPMetal4 monthsStent trawled 712
7HOPPlastic11 monthsRoutine change of plastic stent1617
8Periamp(A) Plastic2nd PDT 10 weeks after 1st3034
(B) Nil†10 monthsBiliary stent inserted prior to duodenal stent
9*HOPPlastic6 weeksCBD duod-fistula. Metal to replace plastic stent1518
10SNCPlastic6 weeksCBD duod-fistula. Metal to replace plastic stent 6 9
Intervention for cholangitis11SNCMetal6 weeksPlastic stent placed through metal 710
12HOPPlastic16 monthsPlastic stent replaced2024
13*HOPPlastic6 weeksPlastic stent replaced with metal1214
14 weeksPlastic stent positioned through mesh of metal
Intervention for recurrent jaundice (not infected)14HOP(A) Metal1 monthMetal stent trawled×4 in 4 months31 (alive)35 (alive)
(B) Metal2nd PDT, 5 weeks after 1st
(C) Metal5 monthsPlastic stent inserted
9 monthsPlastic stent replaced
10 monthsPlastic stent replaced
11 months3rd PDT 46 weeks after 1st and plastic stent replaced
15HOPMetal6 monthsPlastic stent placed through metal1620
8 monthsPlastic stent removed. ALA-PDT to tumour in metal stent
10 months2nd metal stent inside 1st
16HOP(A) Plastic5 weeksInadequate 1st PDT (ALA). Stent changed to metal for 2nd PDT, 5 weeks after 1st 811
(B) Metal19 weeksPercutaneous stent to relieve jaundice as duodenal stent in situ
29 weeksPercutaneoius stent to relieve jaundice as duodenal stent in situ