Table 1

Univariate analysis of sociodemographics factors associated with atrophic chronic gastritis in a European dyspeptic population (n=247)

n%n%Unadjusted OR95% CI
NACG, non-atrophic chronic gastritis; ACG, atrophic chronic gastritis; OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
*Asia, Africa, Americas, overseas.
†0–3: professional, administration, clerical, and related workers; 4–5: sales and service workers; 6–9: agriculture, nature, production, transport workers.
‡Unemployed, no occupation, student, or not classified.
    60 y or less17179 .24520 .81
    >60 y1651.61548.43.561.64–7.75
Country of origin
    Western Europe6780.71619.31
    Eastern Europe11174.03926.01.470.8–2.8
Ethnic status
    Northern Europe9376.22923.81
    Southern Europe7477.92122.10.910.5–1.7
    Middle Eastern1466.7733.31.600.6–4.3
    African, Indian, Mongoloids666.7333.31.600.4–6.8
Educational level
    Illiterate, primary3882.6817.41
No of siblings
    1 or 29076.92723.11.050.32–3.46
Rank order
    Oldest or only child6675.02225.01
    Second or more12176.13823.90.940.51–1.72
No of children
    1 or more14574.05126.01.640.7–3.6
Marital status
Patient's profession†
    Gp 0–1–2–34676.71423.31
    Gp 4–53173.81126.21.160.5–2.9
    Gp 6–7–8–92882.4617.60.700.2–2.0
    Retired/not classified elsewhere2156.81643.22.501.03–6.1