Table 4

Final logistic regression model for atrophic chronic gastritis in the European dyspeptic population (n=234)

Unadjusted OR*Adjusted OR*95% CIp Value
OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
*OR adjusted on all variables of the models.
Age (over 60 y v ≤60 y)3.644.141.79–9.580.001
Sex (male v female)0.741.090.55–2.140.809
Coffee consumption (yes v no)2.102.351.07–5.160.033
Sleeping tablet or tranquilliser intake (yes v no)1.722.171.04–4.520.038
Stress score (6–12, anxious v 0–5, not anxious)0.530.450.21–0.990.038
Anti-CagA-anti-VacA (v both neg)
    CagA positive VacA negative1.421.390.58–3.340.454
    VacA positive CagA negative0.410.320.03–3.060.324
    CagA and VacA positive2.963.091.26–7.560.013