Table 2

Biopsy and polypectomy specimens: histological results of the primary and reference pathologists

NoPrimary pathologist (biopsy)Primary pathologist (ectomy)Reference pathologist (biopsy)Reference pathologist (ectomy)
*Concomitant presence of tumour-like lesions and neoplastic foci.
Foc. fov., focal foveolar; Inflamm., inflammatory.
Relevant overestimation by the primary pathologist: 5
1Tubular adenomaHyperplastic polypFoc. fov. hyperplasiaFoc. fov. hyperplasia
2Tubular adenomaHyperplastic polypHyperplastic polypHyperplastic polyp
3Tubular adenomaHyperplastic polypNo polyp tissueNo polyp tissue
4No polyp tissueTubular adenomaHyperplastic polypHyperplastic polyp
5Tubular adenomaHyperplastic polyp and tubular adenomaHyperplastic polypHyperplastic polyp
Relevant underestimation by the primary pathologist: 4
6Foc. fov. hyperplasiaTubular adenomaTubular adenomaTubular adenoma
7*Hyperplastic polypHyperplastic polyp and microcarcinoidHyperplastic polypHyperplastic polyp and tubular adenocarcinoma
8Foc. fov. hyperplasia and tubular adenomaTubular adenomaTubular adenocarcinomaTubular adenocarcinoma
9Foc. fov. hyperplasiaHyperplastic polypPossible Peutz-Jeghers polypPeutz-Jeghers polyp
No relevant differences between primary and reference pathologist: 12
10Possible hyperplastic polypHamartomaNo polyp tissueInflamm. fibroid polyp
11Tubular adenomaFoc. fov. hyperplasiaTubular adenomaNo polyp tissue
12Tubular adenocarcinomaTubulovillous adenomaTubular adenocarcinomaTubular adenocarcinoma
13Hyperplastic polypFoc. fov. hyperplasia and carcinoid tumourHyperplastic polypCarcinoid tumor
14Hyperplastic polypTubular adenomaFoc. fov. hyperplasiaTubular adenoma
15Pyloric gland adenomaTubular adenocarcinomaTubular adenocarcinomaTubular adenocarcinoma
16Tubulovillous adenomaHigh grade intraepithelial neoplasiaTubular adenocarcinomaTubular adenoma
17Tubular adenomaHyperplastic polyp and tubular adenomaTubular adenomaTubular adenoma and possible tubular adenocarcinoma
18Possible hyperplastic polypHamartomaNo polyp tissueBrunner's gland heterotopia
19*Tubular adenocarcinomaHyperplastic polyp and tubular adenocarcinomaTubular adenocarcinomaHyperplastic polyp and tubular adenocarcinoma
20*No polyp tissueTubular adenocarcinomaPossible hyperplastic polypHyperplastic polyp and tubular adenocarcinoma
21*Hyperplastic polypHyperplastic polyp and tubular adenocarcinomaHyperplastic polypHyperplastic polyp and tubular adenocarcinoma