Table 1

Clinicopathological information on subjects providing tissue specimens and a summary of immunohistochemical findings

Specimen category*Age (y)/ sexHistological grade of inflammationDisease duration (y)Lymphoid aggregates†No of BCA-1+ CD21+ aggregates‡No of BCA-1+ CD21 aggregatesNo of BCA-1+ DRC+ aggregatesNo of BCA-1+ DRC aggregates
*UC, ulcerative colitis; NC, normal colon.
†Number of lymphoid aggregates per section judged by haematoxylin and eosin staining. Parallel sections from the same tissue block were evaluated (cut a distance of approximately 750 μm apart) and the numbers from the two sections are presented as a range.
‡Parallel sections 8 μm apart were examined for BCA-1+ follicles: one section was stained with polyclonal anti-BCA-1 in combination with anti-CD21; the other section was stained with monoclonal anti-BCA-1 in combination with the DRC antibody. Follicles were described as BCA-1+ when a reticular staining meshwork was seen; CD21+ or DRC+ aggregates were always surrounded by a BCA-1+ reticular meshwork.
¶Exstensive cell infiltration was seen but separate lymphoid aggregates were difficult to identify.
BCA-1, B cell attracting chemokine 1.
UC 128/F310Confluent¶0000
UC 260/F3147–81110
UC 332/M2148–75050
UC 444/F223–44040
UC 512/M3112–2413798
NC 138/F00–11001
NC 223/F00–33030
NC 333/F00–32020