Table 1

Clinical and genotypic characteristics of patient Nos 1–7

Patient No/SexHLADQB*0201Age (y) at primary diagnosisAge (y) at lymphoma*Morphology†TreatmentMonoclonality (TCRγ)Survival (time from lymphoma diagnosis)
*c, cryptic; o, overt; **intermediate stage between cryptic and overt EATL possible (see text).
†Modified Marsh classification.13
‡Present both at diagnosis and 12 or 4.5 years later.
TCR, T cell receptor; GFD, gluten free diet; nd, not determined.
1 (M)+5858, cType 3cSteroids, GFDYes‡Alive >13 years
2 (M)+6969, cType 3aSurgery, GFD, cyclosporinYes‡Alive >5 years
3 (F)+6969**Type 3cGFD, steroids, Leukeran, CHOPYesDied (1 year)
4 (F)+6262**Type 3cSteroids, CHOPInconclusiveDied (3 months)
5 (M)+4457, oType 3aGFD, CHOPYesDied (1 year)
6 (M)nd6060, oType 3aSurgery, CHOPYesDied (7 months)
7 (F)nd3457, oType 3cSurgeryYesDied (5 months)