Table 2

Immunophenotypic characteristics of intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) in patients Nos 1–7 compared with IEL phenotypes of normal small intestinal mucosa and coeliac disease (CD) lesions (median and range referring to proportions of CD3+ cells unless otherwise indicated)

*Proportion of LCA+ (CD45+) cells.
†Proportion of CD30+ cells accumulated for areas near and distant from tumours; near tumors, up to 50% of IELs expressed CD30 (see fig 1C).
‡Additionally examined by flow cytometry where <30% (patient No 2) and <5% (patient No 3) expressed CD3 (Farstad IN, et al, unpublished observations).
Data based on: aEiras and colleagues14; bBrandtzaeg and colleagues28; cMurray and colleagues8 (and Farstad IN, et al, unpublished observations); dJabri and colleagues16; and eHalstensen and colleagues.12
§Indicated as number of CD94+ cells/100 epithelial cells; by flow cytometry, a median of 70% CD103+ IELs expressed CD94.16
LCA, leucocyte common antigen; TCR, T cell receptor; nd, not determined.
    Normal10059 (37–81)a90 (80–95)b0 (0)c27 (16–38)d2 (1–39)e97 (70–99)b
    CD10098 (97–100)a80 (46–88)0 (0–1)c40§ (29–56)d20 (11–53)e80 (78–45)