Table 4

Impact of different risk factors on the development of cardiovascular events in primary biliary cirrhosis, as assessed by the proportional hazards Cox model

Risk factor*No of patientsHazard ratio95% CIp Value
CI, confidence interval.
Total cholesterol values of 5.2 mmol/l correspond to 200 mg/dl, 6.5 mmol/l to 250 mg/dl, and 7.8 mmol/l to 300 mg/dl.
*Factors associated with the incidence of cardiovascular events beyond the p=0.20 level at univariate analysis were tested. Hypertension was defined as the presence of a blood diastolic pressure above 90 mm Hg and systolic pressure above 140 mm Hg on at least two measurements taken at each of two consecutive visits, according to the classification of blood pressure elaborated by the Joint Committee on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. Presence of diabetes was defined according to the 1979 diagnostic criteria of the National Diabetes Data Group of the National Institutes of Health, USA. Cigarette smoking was defined as a daily smoking habit of more than 10 cigarettes.
Total cholesterol levels (mmol/l)
Cigarette smoking552.29(0.80–6.55)0.121