Table 3

Pathological findings, prothrombotic states, and features of portal hypertension

Patient NoPathological findingsCD34*Prothrombotic statePortal vein thrombosisHVPG (mm Hg)Gastrointestinal bleeding
*CD34, number of vascular section per portal tract marked with this monoclonal antibody.
†Two liver specimens were analysed. The results of both analyses are provided.
HVPG, hepatic venous pressure gradient; APL, antiphospholipid; PMD, primary myeloproliferative disorder; NA, not available; NS, no staining.
    1Hepatoportal sclerosis 12.0Incomplete investigationYes7Yes
    2Hepatoportal sclerosis 12.1 (23.8)†NoneNo16Yes
    3Hepatoportal sclerosis 6.3NoneNo21No
    4Hepatoportal sclerosis 19.4APL syndrome, protein S, and protein C deficiencyNoNANo
    5Hepatoportal sclerosisNSNoneNoNANo
    6Hepatoportal sclerosisNSNoneYesNAYes
    7Hepatoportal sclerosis and perisinusoidal fibrosis 5.7Polycythemia veraNo2No
    8Hepatoportal sclerosis and perisinusoidal fibrosisNSAPL syndromeYesNAYes
    9Hepatoportal sclerosis and nodular regenerative hyperplasia 6.4NoneNoNANo
10Hepatoportal sclerosis and nodular regenerative hyperplasia 7.4Protein S deficiencyYesNANo
11Hepatoportal sclerosis and nodular regenerative hyperplasia 7.1NoneYes9Yes
12Periportal fibrosis 2.3NoneNo9No
13Periportal fibrosis 5.7NoneNo1No
14Periportal fibrosis 6.8Protein S deficiency
 Latent PMDYes2Yes
15Periportal fibrosisNSNoneYesNANo
16Periportal fibrosisNSAPL syndromeYesNAYes
17Periportal fibrosisNSLatent PMDYesNAYes
18Periportal fibrosisNSNoneNoNAYes
19Periportal and perisinusoidal fibrosis 2.4Protein S deficiencyNo10No
20Periportal and perisinusoidal fibrosisNSProtein C deficiency
 Latent PMDYes6No
21Perisinusoidal fibrosis 3.4 (2.5)†Protein S deficiencyYesNAYes
22Perisinusoidal fibrosis 2.4Incomplete studyNo3Yes
23Perisinusoidal fibrosis 3.0 (2.6)†Latent PMDNo2Yes
24Perisinusoidal fibrosis 2.3 (5.3)†Extrahepatic lymphomaNo6Yes
25Perisinusoidal fibrosisNSLatent PMDYesNAYes
26Nodular regenerative hyperplasiaNSNoneYesNAYes
27Nodular regenerative hyperplasiaNSProtein S deficiencyNoNAYes