Table 1

Clinical and pathological findings of the reported primary oesophageal lymphomas

Patient NoAuthorAgeSex*ComplaintsSite†Gross appearancePathologyTherapy‡Clinical course
*M, male; F, female.
† U, upper; M, middle; L, lower.
‡R, radiation; C, chemotherapy; O, operation.
nd, not described.
1Caruso et al10197052FDysphagia, fatigue, weight lossMSubmucosalLymphosarcomaRnd
2Nissan et al11 197454MDysphagia, weight lossLComplete obstructionLymphosarcomaR and C6 years, alive
3Carnovale et al12197730–71M:4, F:4Anorexia, weight loss, abdominal pain, dysphagia, vomitingU:1, L:7Nodular 6, submucosal 1, varicoid 1Histiolytic 4, lymphocytic 4R and/or C1–3 years: alive 6, 7 years: alive 1, unknown 1
4Berman et al13 197948MOdynophagia, chest painLPolypoidHistiocyticR and Cnd
5Doki et al14 198445MPharyngeal painMVaricoidCentrocyte-typeOnd
6Matsuura et al15 198582FDysphagiaM-LSubmucosalDiffuse-lymphocytic poorly differentiatedO7 months, dead
7Nagrani et al16 198967MDysphagiaUNodularDiffuse largeR and C14 months, dead 1
86FCough dysphagiaLSubmucosalModerately differentiated largeC12 months, dead
8Mengoli et al17 199075FDysphagiaLGelatinous massSmall lymphocytic-plasmacytoidC5 years, dead
9Maipang et al18 199260MDysphagia, weight lossMSubmucosalFollicular-type, small cleavedC2 years, alive
10Tsukada et al19 199277FDysphagiaMSubmucosalT cellR and C7 months, alive
11Radin20 199348MVomiting, abdominal pain, weight loss, night sweatsLEccentric extramucosalHigh grade small non-cleavednd6 weeks, dead
12Kurihara et al21 199474MNonendSubmucosalMedium sized non-cleaved plasmacytoidO and C4 months, alive
13Moses et al22 199555MOdynophagiaM-LUlcerationDiffuse intermediate B cellC8 days, dead
14Gupta et al23 199655MDysphagiaLPolypoidLarge cell typeO and C2 years, alive
15Gelb et al24 199761MDysphagiaLndHodgkin'sO5 weeks, dead
16Oguzkurt et al25 199783MDysphagiaLProtrudingSmall lymphocyticndnd