Table 5

Population based studies on long term follow up of upper functional abdominal disorders, showing the percentage of individuals still reporting the symptom profile in question at follow up

Reference and diagnosisTime periodSurvey follow upPercentage at follow up still reporting symptoms
IBS, irritable bowel syndrome.
Weir and Backett24
    Dyspepsia3 months3 years65
Jones and Lydeard42
    Dyspepsia6 months2 years74
Talley et al43
    Abdominal pain1 year12–20 months82
    IBS (Mannings criteria)86
    IBS (Rome criteria)93
Agréus et al12
    Predominant reflux symptoms3 months1 year41
    Symptom free80
Kay and Jørgensen50
    Dyspepsia1 year5 years75
Locke et al51
    Dyspepsia1 year4 years51
Agréus et al52
    Predominant reflux symptoms3 months7 years29
    Symptom free65