Table 1

Serum antiurease IgG and IgA responses by treatment group

Serum antiurease IgG positive/total volunteers*Serum antiurease IgG titre median† (range)Serum antiurease IgA positive/total volunteers*Serum antiurease IgA titre median† (range)
*Positive status defined as a fourfold increase from baseline. †Titres are expressed as fold change as compared with baseline. Positive results only. ‡One serum sample not available for analysis.
Group 1: Soluble urease, no LT0/6N/A1/64.7
Group 2: Soluble urease, 0.1 μg LT1/615.41/65.3
Group 3: Soluble urease, 0.5 μg LT1/64.20/6N/A
Group 4: Soluble urease, 2.5 μg LT‡2/558 (6.5–109.8)3/54.5 (4.1–28.3)
Group 5: Urease capsule, no LT1/61521/624.8
Group 6: Urease capsule, 0.1 μg LT1/67.31/69.9
Group 7: Urease capsule, 2.5 μg LT1/615.32/64.3 (4.2–4.4)