Table 1

Detection of IgG Fc binding protein by horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-IgG and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) K9 and K17

*Surface mucus cells of the stomach showed negative stain with HRP-IgG, but in three of five samples these cells had a weak stain with the mAb and in two of five there was no stain.
Colon (5/5)+++
Small intestine (3/3)+++
    Surface mucus cells*-∼+-∼+
    Intestinal metaplasia (5/5)+++
Gall bladder (4/4)+++
Cystic duct (4/4)+++
Choledochus (4/4)+++
Bronchus (mucus gland) (4/4)+++
Nasal mucosa (mucus gland) (4/4)+++
Submandibular gland (4/4)+++
Conjunctiva (5/5)
Cervix uteri (3/3)+++