Table 3

Factors associated with adjuvant chemotherapy: multivariate analysis

FactorOR95% CIp Value*
Logistic regression carried out among 2359 patients who underwent a curative resection of the tumour, excluding cases with unknown chemotherapy treatment, undetermined resection, no resection or palliative surgery, advanced, or unknown stages.
*p for heterogeneity (likelihood ratio test).
OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
Stage at diagnosis
    Stage I 1
    Stage II 9.84 3.0–32.30
    Stage III70.3021.5–230.0<0.0001
Period of diagnosis
    1976–1989 1
    1990–1993 7.09 3.64–13.80
Age (y)
    ≥75 1
    <7510.80 6.34–18.30<0.0001