Table 1

Effects of IgG and lgA purified from the serum of patients with coeliac disease and controls on tissue transglutaminase (tTG) activity

AntibodyPatients% inhibition*Titres†
*Values represent the mean of two replicates in two independent sets of experiments; 1 0 μg of purified IgG or lgA was used in each in vitro assay tube.
†Titres were measured by ELISA and expressed as percentage of a reference pool of sera.
IgGControl0 (0.5)2
IgG113.3 (3.7)39
IgG216.0 (2.5)37
IgG38.3 (4.3)89
IgG424.0 (1.0)37
IgG514.0 (3.1)54
IgG611.7 (2.0)90
lgAControl0 (0.5)2
lgA239.0 (1.0)92
lgA322.0 (2.0)46
lgA414.5 (1.5)53
lgA519.5 (5.0)30
lgA611.1 (1.5)29