Table 1

Randomised, double blind, parallel group trials of H2 receptor antagonists versus placebo in dyspepsia

ReferenceNo of patientsTrial period (weeks)TreatmentInclusion criteria: dyspepsia typePlacebo response rate (%)Estimated therapeutic gain (95% CI)Investigators' conclusion
CI, confidence interval.
La Brooy et al 197813384CimetidineUlcer-like??Not effective
Mackinnon et al 198214216CimetidineDyspepsia and duodenitis50 41 (35)Effective
Bendtsen et al 198315336CimetidineUlcer-like58−15 (34)Not effective
Kelbæk et al 198516503CimetidineEpigastric pain62 −8 (27)Not effective
Nesland and Berstad 19859904CimetidineUlcer-like30 17 (20)Effective
Delattre et al 1985174144CimetidineEpigastric pain57 20 (9)Effective
Lance et al 198618604CimetidineEpigastric pain/ ulcer-like54 8 (25)Not effective
Nyrén et al 1986191053CimetidineUlcer-like25 4 (17)Not effective
Olubuyide et al 198620454Ranitidine???Not effective
Saunders et al 1986212216RanitidineDyspepsia59 21 (12)Effective
Gotthard et al 1988221186CimetidineDyspepsia38 16 (18)Effective
Hadi 198923454RanitidineDyspepsia45 55 (22)Effective
Müller et al 1994105094 (2)RanitidineDyspepsia36 14 (9)Effective
Singal et al 198924564CimetidineDyspepsia40 27 (25)Effective
Hansen et al 1998252212NizatidineDyspepsia62 −8 (14)Not effective