Table 2

Randomised, double blind, parallel group trials of cisapride versus placebo in dyspepsia

ReferenceNo of patientsTrial period (weeks)Inclusion criteria: dyspepsia typePlacebo response rate (%)Estimated therapeutic gain (95% CI)Investigators' conclusion
CI , confidence interval.
Coutant et al 19875324Dysmotility-like3644 (41)Effective
Rösch 1987261184Dyspepsia3150 (16)Effective
De Nutte et al 198911324Epigastric pain5032 (21)Effective
Jian et al 198927286Dysmotility-like??Not effective
Agorastos et al 19916364Dysmotility-like??Effective
Hausken and Berstad 1992281204Epigastric pain/discomfort4010 (18)Not effective
Van Outryve et al 19938532Epigastric pain/burning2243 (24)Effective
Chung 199329294Dysmotility-like2051 (31)Effective
Frazzoni et al 199330284Dyspepsia6921 (27)Not effective
Wood et al 199331114Epigastric pain/discomfort??Not effective
Kellow et al 199532614Dyspepsia66−8 (23)Not effective
Al-Quorain et al 199533894Dyspepsia2760 (16)Effective
de Groot and de Both 1997341134Dyspepsia4419 (19)Not effective
Champion et al 1997351236Epigastric pain3312 (20)Not effective
Yeoh et al 199736764Epigastric pain/discomfort50 5 (21)Not effective
Hansen et al 1998252212Dyspepsia62 0 (14)Not effective