Table 2

High grade dysplasia and cancer

Patient NoSurveillanceTumour stageBE length (cm)Mid tumour (cm from GOJ)
Details of the patients with high grade dysplasia and cancer. The tumour stage for patient Nos 2–6 who were operated on is based on analysis of the resection specimen. The mid tumour point was assessed from the endoscopic and histopathological analyses.
BE, Barrett’s oesophageal epithelium; GOJ, gastro-oesophageal junction.
1YesHigh grade dysplasia84.0—multifocal
2YesT2, N0 adenocarcinoma61.0—distal
3NoT2, N1 adenocarcinoma50.5—distal
4NoT1, N0 adenocarcinoma32.5—proximal
5NoT1, N0 adenocarcinoma40.5—distal
6NoT2, N0 adenocarcinoma51.0—distal