Table 1

Upper gastrointestinal cancers: guidelines for referral47

• Dysphagia
• Dyspepsia combined with one or more of these alarm symptoms:
    Weight loss
• Dyspepsia in a patient aged 55 years or more with at least one of the following “high risk” features:
    Onset of dyspepsia less than one year ago
    Continuous symptoms since onset
• Dyspepsia combined with at least one of the following known risk factors:
    Family history of upper gastrointestinal cancer in more than one first degree relative
    Barrett's oesophagus
    Pernicious anaemia
    Peptic ulcer surgery over 20 years ago
    Known dysplasia
    Atrophic gastritis
    Intestinal metaplasia
• Jaundice
• Upper abdominal mass