Table 2

Rockall scoring system for risk of rebleeding and death after admission to hospital for acute gastrointestinal bleeding

Each variable is scored and the total score calculated by simple addition.
SRH, stigmata of recent haemorrhage.
Age (y)<6060–79≥80
ShockNo shock (systolic BP >100, pulse <100)Tachycardia (systolic BP >100, pulse >100)Hypotension (systolic BP <100, pulse >100)
ComorbidityNil majorCardiac failure, ischaemic heart disease, any major comorbidityRenal failure, liver failure, disseminated malignancy
DiagnosisMallory Weiss tear, no lesion, and no SRHAll other diagnosesMalignancy of upper GI tract
Major SRHNone or dark spotBlood in upper GI tract, adherent clot, visible or spurting vessel