Table 1

Classification of cholangiographic findings in primary sclerosing cholangitis

Type of duct involvement/ classificationCholangiographic abnormalities
Reproduced after modification from Majoie and colleagues7 with permission.
Intrahepatic (IHD)
    0No visible abnormalities
    IMultiple strictures; normal calibre of bile ducts or minimal dilatation
    IIMultiple strictures, saccular dilatations, decreased arborisation
    IIIOnly central branches filled despite adequate filling pressure; severe pruning
Extrahepatic (EHD)
    0No visible abnormalities
    ISlight irregularities of duct contour; no stricture
    IISegmental stricture
    IIIStricture of almost entire length of duct
    IVExtremely irregular margin; diverticulum-like outpouchings