Table 2

Continence scores, quality of life scores, and anal manometry before and after injection

Continence scoreSF-36 physical functionSF-36 social functionMaximum resting pressure (cm H82O)Maximum squeeze pressure (cm H2O)
Patient NoBeforeAfterBeforeAfterBeforeAfterBeforeAfterBeforeAfter
Continence score ranges from 0=complete continence to 24=worst incontinence.14
The quality of life score ranges from 0=minimum to 100=maximum.15
Maximum resting pressure was measured using a stationary pull through technique.
Maximum squeeze pressure was measured as the increment above resting pressure.
2151529 9010100658596132
3151324 7051005296167151
41275 8720100306086290
511715 25350406463 57
620633 7037622057100123
Median13.5 8*26 78.5*10100*4674.5*98141.5