Table 2

Accuracy for diagnosis and prediction of development of pancreatic necrosis in acute pancreatitis. Receiver operating curve (ROC) analysis in patients with acute pancreatitis (n=85) and acute abdominal pain of non-pancreatic origin (n=53)

Analysis time (h)*Cut off (nmol/l)Sens (%)Spec (%)Accuracy (AUC*)Cut off (nmol/l)Sens (%)Spec (%)Accuracy (AUC*)
AUC, area under the curve in the ROC plot; CAPAP, carboxypeptidase B activation peptide; proCAPB, procarboxypeptidase B.
*Time after onset of symptoms to blood sampling (hours).
†Amylase for diagnosis; ‡CRP for prediction of necrosis.
ProCAPB <48 h 2.595950.99013.271490.565
ProCAPB 48–72 h 1.294940.982 6.588440.663
ProCAPB 72–96 h 2.599820.96827.497110.511
CAPAP <48 h 0.381830.850 3.295870.920
CAPAP 48–72 h 0.540900.675 0.489840.882
CAPAP 72–96 h 0.333840.527 0.367890.848
Amylase†/CRP‡ <48 h304† U/l90870.90228‡ mg/l60680.635
Amylase† /CRP‡ 48–72 h262† U/l92870.912129‡ mg/l93660.845
Amylase† /CRP‡ 72–96 h201† U/l82770.819148‡ mg/l100650.878