Table 1

Patient characteristics of eight patients in whom serrated adenomas were identified in St Mark’s polyposis registry

Patient No (sex)Age at colectomy (y)Preoperative endoscopyColectomy specimen polyp countSite and size of serrated adenomaAPC mutation analysis
FAP, familial adenomatous polyposis.
1 Male29Not available3550Sigmoid colon 1.2 cm (colectomy)Ex 15 4175 c >g
2 Female36Classical FAP1230Descending colon 0.5 cm (colectomyUnder investigation
3 Male19Low polyp countNot availableRectum 0.5 cm (colectomy)Unsuccessful
4 Female39Classical FAP900Rectal polyp (surgical excision)Unsuccessful
5 Female17Classical FAP648Descending colon (colectomy)Ex 15 2367-2368 deletion
6 Male19Low polyp count868Rectal biopsyUnsuccessful
7 Male19Classical FAPHundredsRectal biopsyEx 15 3254-3257 del
8 Female14Not available1425Colectomy specimenUnsuccessful