Table 3

Results with autofluorescence (AF) and methylene blue (MB) staining compared with histological findings as the reference standard in the 35 patients with Barrett’s osophagus (BO); the results of video endoscopy (VE) alone are also shown (with respect to the respective accuracy achieved, no statistically significant differences were found among the different methods used)

Histolopathological diagnosis* per patientnMethodAFMBVE alone
*Most advanced diagnoses per patient—that is, a patient with 10 normal biopsies, four LGD, and one HGD is a “HGD patient”.
HGD, high grade dysplasia; LGD, low grade dysplasia.
Cancer8True positive 3 (38%)6 (75%) 7 (88%)
HGD1True positive 1 (100%)1 (100%) 1 (100%)
LGD8True positive 3 (38%)3 (38%) 4 (50%)
Normal BO18True negative14 (78%)9 (50%)11 (61%)