Table 4

Arterial and cubital venous pro-brain natriuretic peptide (proBNP) and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) concentrations in patients with cirrhosis

Cirrhosis, Child group (33–69 y)
A (n = 15)B (n = 23)C (n = 13)Controls (34–73 y) (n = 13)Healthy subjects (23–65 y) (n = 90)
Significant differences: *from healthy subjects (p<0.002), afrom Child class A (p<0.05), bfrom controls (p<0.05), cfrom cirrhosis (p<0.02).
ProBNP (artery) (pmol/l)
    Mean9.620.8a b24.5a b13.2c
ProBNP (cubital vein) (pmol/l)
    Mean10.0*20.7* a23.9*a14.2*c2.2
BNP (artery) (pmol/l)
    Mean5.914.3a b14.3a b7.9c
BNP (cubital vein) (pmol/l)
    Mean5.913.6*a b14.7* a b4.7c1.7