Table 1

Patient characteristics

Patient NoAge (y)SexAge at symptom onset (y)Time to diagnosis (months)Diagnosis prior to referralAtopy
140F3316 NoneAsthma
256M3428 Reflux oesophagitis None
343M3725 None None
464M6248Leiomyoma None
524M1536 Reflux oesophagitis Contact dermatitis
635M326 None Mild asthma
755M5396 Schatzki ringPrevious asthma
822F2019 Reflux stricture None
922F1860 Reflux oesophagitis and hiatus hernia None
1040M3648 High volume reflux None
1159F3824 Dysmotility Drugs and eczema
1245F27216 Cancer of the oesophagus Asthma