Table 2

Matched family comparisons

Unit measured (n)% with IBS (Manning or Rome I)OR (95% CI)*Adjusted OR (95% CI)†Adjusted OR (95% CI)‡
*When comparing families, a hazard ratio is presented for the number of families with at least one member with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), adjusted for the total number of family members.
†Adjusted for sex and age.
‡Adjusted for sex, age, and somatic symptom checklist (somatisation) score.
    Patients (90)172.72 (1.19, 6.25)2.72 (1.18, 6.26)2.51 (0.94, 6.68)
    Spouses (74)7
    Patients (30)403.36 (0.70, 16.02)
    Spouses (30)17