Table 1

Characteristics of the 96 patients according to the severity of steatosis at the time of the first biopsy

Steatosis grade
Total (n=96)None (n=45)Mild-moderate (n=42)Severe (n=9)p Value
*p values are for comparison between steatosis grades using ANOVA.
HCV, hepatitis C virus; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; IVDU, intravenous drug use.
Age (y)41 (11)39 (100)43 (12)38 (10)NS
Sex (M/F)59/3725/2029/135/4NS
Source of infection (%)NS
Alcohol intake (%)NS
    ≤40 g/day90919178
    >40 g/day109922
Body mass index (kg/m2)24.6 (2.8)23.8 (2.50)23.4 (2.2)25.6 (3.0)<0.05*
Duration of infection (y) (n=79)13 (9)14 (11)12 (7)10 (5)NS
Age at exposure (y)27 (11)25 (13)30 (11)29 (12)NS
ALT levels (N <45 IU/l)98 (77)108 (99)83 (50)127 (67)NS
HCV genotype (%)
HCV RNA load (MEq/ml)7.8 (10.2)7.0 (8.5)7.8 (9.8)13.8 (20.5)NS
Histological lesions (METAVIR)
    Initial activity grade (%)NS
        A0–1 (n=71)74826767
        A2–3 (n=25)26183333
    Initial fibrosis stage (%)NS
        F0–1 (n=83)84878589
        F2–3 (n=13)16131511