Table 2

Characteristics of patients with worsening of steatosis according to the presence or absense of steatosis at diagnosis*

Patients without steatosis (n=45)Patients with steatosis (n=42)
Steatosis worsening (n=24)No steatosis worsening (n=21)p ValueSteatosis worsening (n=10)No steatosis worsening (n=32)p Value
*To study the effect of worsening of steatosis, nine patients with severe steatosis at diagnosis were excluded.
HCV, hepatitis C virus; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; IVDU, intravenous drug use.
Age (y)39 (10)39 (10)NS41 (140)44 (12)NS
Sex (M/F)16/89/12NS8/221/11NS
Source of infection (%)
Alcohol intake (%)
    ≤40 g/day83100NS10087NS
    >40 g/day170013
Body mass index (kg/m2)24.6 (2.4)23.1 (2.5)NS25.3 (3.0)25.7 (3.2)NS
Age at exposure (y)25 (14)23 (9)NS29 (13)31 (11)NS
Interval between biopsies (months)56 (39)51 (33)NS52 (30)41 (27)NS
HCV genotype (%)
Histological lesions (METAVIR)
    Evolution of activity (%)
    Evolution of fibrosis (%)