Table 3

Patients with no need for further treatment and/or diagnostic tests for dyspepsia during the last three months of the six month follow up according to assigned treatment and to Helicobacter pylori status after treatment

H pylori status after treatmentOMOM+AMOTotal
*p=0.03, **p<0.0001 compared with patients in the same column with known H pylori status.
OM, omeprazole; OM+AMO, omeprazole plus amoxicillin.
There was no significant difference between treatment groups (intention to treat analysis).
Cured8/9 (89%)33/46 (72%)41/55 (75%)
Not cured51/69 (74%)20/35 (57%)71/104 (68%)
Unknown2/14 (14%)**2/8 (25%)*4/22 (18%)**
Total61/92 (66%)55/89 (62%)116/181 (64%)