Table 2

Effect of dietary non-digestible carbohydrates on viable salmonella counts in organs of rats two days after oral infection of the animals

Non-digestible carbohydrateSalmonella counts in organ (log10 CFU/g)
Mesenteric lymph nodesSpleenLiver
Results are expressed as means (SEM) (n=8 per group).
*Denotes that the indicated group is significantly different from the cellulose group (p<0.05).
CFU, colony forming units; FOS, fructo-oligosaccharides.
Cellulose5.37 (0.56)2.73 (0.15)1.55 (0.27)
FOS6.15 (0.18)3.11 (0.09)*2.32 (0.26)*
Lactulose6.05 (0.18)2.89 (0.32)2.89 (0.38)*