Table 1

Characteristics of the 27 patients with early gastric cancer enrolled for argon plasma coagulation treatment

Type of cancerCase NoAge (y)SexLocation*Diameter (mm)Prior treatmentFollow up period (months)RecurrenceComplications
*l, lesser curvature; g, grater curvature; a, anterior wall; p, posterior wall.
†Type IIa: case 5, was treated three times.
EMR, endoscopic mucosal resection.
IIa: elevated type
183FLower body, l10(−)30(−)(−)
380MLower body, p15EMR32(−)(−)
483FLower body, l20EMR38(−)(−)
5†77MCardia35EMR33(−)Intermittent abdomoinal distension
IIb: flat type
173MAntrum, l 5EMR24(−)(−)
IIc: depressed type
182MAntrum, l 5(−)25(−)(−)
270MAntrum, a10EMR36(−)(−)
387MAntrum, l10EMR24(−)(−)
481FLower body, p10(−)21(−)(−)
581MLower body, p10(−)33(−)(−)
674MUpper body, p10(−)35(−)(−)
780MAntrum, a10(−)32(−)(−)
883FAntrum, p10(−)49(−)(−)
1078MLower body, p15EMR18(−)(−)
1181MLower body, l15(−)36(−)(−)
1273FUpper body, p18(−)28(−)(−)
1357MUpper body, p15(−)24(−)(−)
1481MLower body, l15(−)45(−)(−)
1676MAntrum, l15(−)25(−)(−)
1773FLower body, p15(−)20(−)(−)
1873MLower body, l20EMR30(−)(−)
1970MLower body, p20EMR21(−)(−)
IIa+IIc: mixed type
187FCardia15EMR45(+)Intermittent abdomoinal distension
267MMid body, g20EMR33(−)Intermittent abdomoinal distension
Mean (SD)78 (7)14 (6)30 (7)