Table 3

Adjusted odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence limits (CL) for birth outcome in patients treated with 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA) in pregnancy, stratified by type of underlying disease (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis)

Patients with Crohn's disease treated with 5-ASAPatients with ulcerative colitis treated with 5-ASA
Events/total (%)OR (adjusted‡) (95% CL)Events/total (%)OR (adjusted‡) (95% CL)
*LBW, birth weight less than 2500 g.
**Preterm birth, gestational age less than 37 weeks.
†Different exposure window when examining congenital malformations (exposed in the period 30 days before conception to the end of first trimester).
‡Adjusted for mother's age (below 25 years, 25–29 years, and 30 years or more), parity (1 or more than 1), smoking (yes/no) in a logistic regression model. LBW and stillbirths also for gestational age (32 weeks or less, 33–36 weeks, and 37 weeks or more).
LBW*1/23 (4.3)0.9 (0.1–6.7)3/65 (4.6)1.4 (0.4–4.3)
Preterm birth**1/23 (4.3)0.8 (0.1–5.6)7/65 (10.8)2.4 (1.1–5.3)
Stillbirth0/23 (0.0)3/65 (4.6)8.4 (2.0–34.3)
Malformation†1/18 (5.6)1.5 (0.2–11.4)3/42 (7.1)2.1 (0.7–6.9)