Table 3

Undiscounted cost of treatment in (base case analysis). All treatments were for 48 weeks using the following stop criteria: stop antiviral therapy if viral positive after 24 weeks of treatment

No antiviral treatmentInterferon plus ribavirinPeginterferon plus fixed ribavirinPeginterferon plus weight based ribavirin*
*The amount of peginterferon and ribavirin used in the subgroup receiving >10.6 mg/kg ribavirin was increased to match the weight distribution in the entire peginterferon plus fixed ribavirin treatment arm (that is, peginterferon doses were identical and ribavirin capsule use in the subgroup were multiplied by 1.26).
†Based on the actual dosages administered in the trial (including dose reductions and discontinuations for side effects or for absence of viral response after 24 weeks).
‡Includes pre-therapeutic diagnostics (pregnancy test, quantitative HCV-RNA, thyroid stimulating hormone, thyroxine, liver biopsy), and partial inpatient cost for initiation of treatment.
§Includes office visits and laboratory tests for routine visits and adverse events as well as periodic thyroid stimulating hormone, thyroxine, and qualitative HCV-RNA.
¶Includes pregnancy tests, condoms, hormone contraception, and elective abortions.
Cost of antiviral drugs†
    Interferon α-2b3324
    Peginterferon α-2b80298185
Total cost of antiviral drugs983213 08514 480
Initiation of treatment costs‡473473473
Office visits+laboratory testing§483546557
Reproductive services¶411424428
Total treatment related cost11 19914 52815 938
Total lifetime cost including treatment of future complications (rounded values)25 50025 90027 60027 400