Table 1

Invasive cancer detected during follow up of non-invasive gastric neoplasia

Gastric cancer detected after follow up longer than 12 monthsGastric cancer detected within 12 months from initial diagnosis
Histology at enrollmentFollow up (months)*EGCAGCGC-nosFollow up
EGC, early gastric cancer (that is, UICC pathological stage I); AGC, advanced gastric cancer (that is, UICC pathological stages II-II-III); GC-nos, gastric cancer of unknown pathological stage.
*Mean (range).
Low grade non-invasive neoplasia (99 cases)48 (38–80)5121.5 (1–2)110
High grade non-invasive neoplasia (25 cases)30 (13–72)7132 (1–4)630
Total35 (13–80)191.7 (1–4)11