Table 6

Secondary analysis (intention to treat population) after excluding fissures with one of five features of chronicity. Complete healing assessed after eight weeks of treatment with glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) or placebo

Treatment groupProportion healed (%)95% CIp value v placebo
Using the Bonferroni method, p values were adjusted for multiple testing: χ2 test for trend, GTN versus placebo (χ2=4.5, p=0.03).
Only 145/181 ITT patients were available for this evaluation (in 36 patients “features of chronicity” were not completed by the investigator).
Placebo 9/37 (24.3%)0.12–0.41
0.1% GTN21/42 (50.0%)0.34–0.660.05
0.2% GTN13/36 (36.1%)0.21–0.540.91
0.4% GTN17/30 (56.7%)0.37–0.750.03